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Website Review

Website Review

Transcript for website review 

Our primary goal is getting pre-orders.

We don’t offer delivery. So it’s getting people into the shop to collect their orders and then also to be exposed to more of our products. And I’d say the secondary purpose of our website is brand building.

But everything would be pillared and have this really strong sense of who we are and to inform people about what we do and what sets us apart and that sense of character. So I really don’t, I feel like our, our site has definitely been neglected since Covid, and I feel like we’ve lost a lot of character.

To get you ranked at number one in Google, which is what we want for all of you, you, need to have a website first of all, and you need to make sure your website’s connected and it’s a great experience. So let me walk through your site and give you, some feedback and some quick improvements.

 Google doesn’t like it if your web copy is hard to read. So make your copy stand out with background colours and bold text. 

Reduce the space above the fold, so that customers can see that there is content below the fold.  I mentioned on the last one below the fold and above the. .

Develop product pages in the voice of the customer. And what I mean when I say in the voice of the customer, if you go back and have a look at that Oodie site, they actually talk about their product as if they were the customer.

Website Updates 

1. Add click and collect to the homepage 

2. Add video on the about us page 

3. Improve the navigation 

Check out the milk bar website as a great example.

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