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Yotpo’s Amazing Women in Ecommerce

I am so honoured to be named an AWIE 2024 Leader in Ecommerce. There are some phenomenal women on this year’s honoree list, so it’s humbling to be named among them!

Yotpo’s Amazing Women in Ecommerce is a program seeking nominations to recognise visionary women in eCommerce. The incredible response from the industry inspired us to expand our efforts, creating a variety of opportunities for the community to share experiences and build a formidable network of Amazing Women.

May we all continue to lift each other up, promote each other, and create a path for those who do not have the opportunities or privileges that we have.

As being named an AWIE 2024 Leader in Ecommerce, I was asked these questions:

What qualities does an effective marketer need to have?

The best marketers are those who blend creativity with analytics. It’s no longer just about creating a buzz; it’s about making the buzz work smartly. The smart ones I have worked with have the ability to craft stories that resonate emotionally and then use data to turn that connection into tangible results.

What has been your biggest professional success so far?

I have had many rocking chair moments throughout my career that bring a massive smile to my face when I think about them. From launching an AI personal shopping platform eight years ago, literally from the top of a mountain to helping retailers (both small and large) grow millions of dollars in revenue and running eCommerce workshops in remote communities and for black founders in the US as part of the Brookfield Properties initiative run by GCS Consulting and co-founding and launching The Digital Inclusion Project.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing eCommerce brands?

There are so many, but I think the biggest is conversion rates. I believe a 2% conversion rate online compared to a 40% in-store shows how much opportunity we have for growth as marketers.

If you want to read more, read the full article here or book a quick call with me.


Kelly Slessor, is an Ecommerce Coach and a digital marketing expert. Passionate about retail, hospitality and retail service providers. As the founder and CEO of Shop You, an AI powered personalised virtual shopping mall she has spent 20 years building retail technology that responds to customer needs, drives conversions and increases revenue. Over the past year she has worked with over 1000 retailers and hospitality providers. If you want discover more about digital growth and optimisation, work with me.

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