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The Ecommerce Tribe is a proven process for digital growth and future proofing your business.

There is so much to do; websites, social media, seo, google my business the list goes on

But where do you even begin? You haven’t got the time to wrap your head around online platforms and SEO.

You haven’t got the funds to pay an agency – and there’s no guarantee of a good return anyway.

You may even have been burnt before, throwing money at digital with no return on investment.

You barely have time to work on the business, because you’re busy trying to survive

You don’t know what to do, so you do pretty much everything and nothing all at the same time 

You’re not moving forward with your digital growth.

During the pandemic I worked with over 1000+ retailers and hospitality providers...

Design, build and implement a digital strategy that will transform your business.

You will join the hundreds of retailers, hospitality groups and service providers who have already transformed their business, gained traffic, conversions and sales and saved thousands in time and money.

Kelly Slessors hands-on course has been selected by the City of Sydney Innovation Retail Program, La Trobe University, Agriculture NSW, Scentre Group, Lendlease and others for its ability to support retail growth.

If you’re ready grow your retail business, and need the guidance of someone who specialises in online retail growth.

The Ecommerce Tribe is for you.

Grow your online business with confidence and support, so you have less stress and more time to focus on the bits you enjoy about your business.

Get The Ecommerce Tribe

Your 8-week course and ongoing support is a tested and proven approach to learning, with flexible and hands-on process.

  • You will be guided and supported by Kelly Slessor – who has over 20 years’ of online retail experience and mentoring. So you’ll get the knowledge you really need, without the guesswork.
  • There’s no fancy lingo, no hidden costs, and no scary technology.
  • It’s a step-by-step guide to building an online retail space that works for you.
  • So you can take control of your business, and have the confidence to know what you need when outsourcing to freelancers or agencies.

Grow your business revenue with the best digital experience possible.

The 8 week course includes

  • 6 Ecommerce modules delivered by video and including easy to follow workbooks.
  • Access to weekly  LIVE Digital Clinics with Kelly Slessor for all your questions.
  • Access to a Closed user group to share insights and success stories with your growth squad.
  • **Bonus free SEO report for the first 20 sign ups*
  • A bonus masterclass session with an industry leading retailer. 
  • Access to templates and resources.


Over the 8 weeks you will learn;  

  • Digital Fundamentals – How to define your online customer and reduce your acquisition costs
  • Platforms and plugins – Ensure you have the right technology to drive results
  • Google as your shop front – How to get to the front page of Google
  • SEO & SEM – How to use free and paid digital marketing to grow your traffic, conversions and revenue
  • Content – Story telling for engagement
  • Email & Social Media Planning – Developing the right content and call to actions to build loyalty
  • Conversion optimisation – Making your website work harder for you.

From physical door to digital door, reach more


Access the knowledge and insights of someone with over two decades of retail and online retail experience across hundreds of brands.


Get your business seen online, increase your traffic, and convert to more sales.


Enjoy the support of a members-only group, so you have the confidence to move forward and know you’re not alone.


Utilise templates and knowledge that are directly applicable to your business and situation.

About Kelly Slessor

Kelly Slessor is an Ecommerce and digital marketing expert, who drives growth and innovation for retail and other hospitality.

Kelly has over 20 years’ of experience, knowledge, models and insights, and she applies this in a practical and easy-to-understand way.

The Ecommerce Tribe was developed through the years of working with hundreds of brands, including Big W, Woolworths, Sainsbury’s, Glue Store, Showpo, and many other small independent brands.

The Ecommerce Tribe Guarantee

We’re invested in your success.

I know that for a struggling business, even $897/ month can feel like a lot of money.

Your investment in The Ecommerce Tribe is an investment in your business growth, and I know that you will be able to future-proof your business once you’ve implemented strategies provided.

That said, if you complete the course and didn’t feel it was worth your time or money, you’ll get a complete refund – plus I’ll shout you the cost of a coffee!
It’s my guarantee to you.

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