Mandy & Anthony
Mandy & Anthony@saltycheekspaddlepants
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We did the Ecommerce Tribe course and got SO MUCH out of it. Kelly and her team are fantastic. Imagine a time just before the invention of X-rays, when medicine was prescribed based upon how you looked externally. All of a sudden, by looking deep inside, the true cause of the issue is discovered…. And treated. This is what Kelly does, she looks inside your business, your platform, your customers, and makes it better. Highly recommend.
Lo Croiset
Lo Croiset@monpouletau
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Kelly increased our revenue by 25%. Her help has been invaluable. Over the course of the program, we have redesigned and re-platformed our website, which we are due to launch pre-Christmas. We have also completed a detailed analysis of our customers.
Helen W
Helen W@sunglassculture
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What a great course and thank you for being our Digital Growth Coach. The information of where to find, how to do it, what to look for and in particular the data reports and tools to use have saved a lot of time and money. The ability to watch back sessions has been a major help too. Would recommend other businesses get on this course with you to learn and grow their ecommerce business.
Jess W
Jess W@keen_nz
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Kelly is great at not only thoroughly explaining everything but also caters the information she provides to everyone from new beginners to industry experts. Through Kelly's 6 week course I was able to connect with other people in the industry, learn more about tools I could use for the business I work in and get a more defined structure to how I lead not only my team but also drive and lead our business digital goals.
David D
David D@prydebutchery
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After 30 years working in IT I thought setting up an online shop would be a breeze. After working with Kelly, the Ecommerce Coach I found there was so much more to learn about Digital Marketing and she made it all very easy and accessible. My thinking and approach to an online presence and Ecommerce has changed in just a few short weeks and implementing just a small proportion of the knowledge has worked wonders. I can't wait until we go fully online and use all the tools I've learnt.
Geneane G
Geneane G@galleriejewellery
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The course is a fabulous digital journey of information tips & tricks current & up to date One of the hugest discoveries for me was that the SEO on my website was not done properly (even though I paid a so-called expert to do it for me); therefore, I was not ranking in google. With Kelly’s feedback, I quickly decided to change website platforms using the developer recommended. Lots of information available & a whole book of notes to implement to take my digital journey to the next level.

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