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Traffic Vs Conversions

I get asked every week, almost daily, “how do we grow our traffic?”
I work with a wide range of retailers, from Butchers, to Bakers to Candlestick makers earning anything from a few thousand dollars to $10 million-plus. The answer is always a question:
What is your conversion rate
You see, there is no point driving traffic to a website that isn’t converting. It’s like renting a store, paying for the fit-out, investing heavily on local advertising and ignoring the customers you attract.
                            💬 Brands spend just $1 on conversion rate 
                               optimization (CRO) for every $92 spent
                               on customer acquisition (Econsultancy)

Conversion rates vary, across the 100’s of retailers I work with – the good performers convert at 2% +

WARNING RANT COMING: On average in-store conversions are at 30%, food retail at 90% and digital converts at 2%. This proves we are doing something really wrong with this digital stuff.

Conversions Rate Checklist ✔️

1. Imagery. Good product images get 30% more conversions. If you don’t have a graphic design team or you’re flying solo, here’s a quick canva hack to make your imagery more consistent. 

2. Product Page Copy. Write in the “voice of the customer”, look at your reviews, listen to your customers in-store and use their language on your product descriptions. Often we get very creative OR technical with our product descriptions; your product or service pages are your store.
Check out Oodie Product descriptions, for a great example of how it should be done.

3. Simple checkout. Reducing the number of fields on a form from 4 to 3 can increase conversion rates by 50%. Is your checkout simple? – too many buy options can be a distraction.  

4. Speed. having a fast website is so important that Google ranks you on it – here’s a tool to check your page speed.
5. A strong call to action. make sure your buttons clearly stand out, use colour psychology don’t use red (psychology of colour = danger)
 If you need any help grow your digital channels, get you set up online, or create content that connects, please do not hesitate to reach out, book a strategy session or a call with me.

City of Sydney Reboot Series⁠ 🗣️ 

I have been working with the City of Sydney and NSW Government Business Connect Program, to develop a series of FREE small business education webinars – we’ve had 3 so far, with the amazing  Naomi Simson, and Melissa Browne.  Also, I delivered a session yesterday, on all things digital.  We have 6 sessions to go with leading experts covering social media, content, storytelling, and SEO, you can register with the link below and watch the previous sessions. 
Next session on 26th April 2022:  Content that drives clicks with Lisa Muxworthy, editor-in-chief at Hit the button below to register. 

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