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Personalisation in Retail – Let’s Get Personal

Online retail is becoming more personalised with every click. As technology advances, so does the customer behaviours that customers present to retailers. In this article, we sat down with Kelly Slessor. To discuss the power of personalisation in retail and the future of ecommerce. In addition, we talk about the changes within the industry and how tech is helping retail reach its full potential. Kelly Slessor is the CEO and founder of Shop You.

Online retail has soared in the last six months. Many trends will come out of a post-COVID world. According to Kelly, the primary trend would be consumer-driven and focused technology. Consumers focus on convenience and safety. Additionally, there will be ongoing growth in contactless and cashless technology.

Two Key Steps

Many retailers have moved towards ecommerce platforms, including but not limited to small-medium enterprises and local retailers. There are two ways that these retailers can grow and survive in the digital environment.

  1. Develop a clear vision of its customers. Target them with the right keywords and messages.
  2. Treat Google as the shop’s front. More than half of customers’ buying decisions start online. Investing in SEO and optimising Google is found to be essential for growth.

There is enough room for existing ecommerce retailers to grow. For example, video chat, guided selling, and immersive experiences.

Opportunities and Impacts for Retail

The retail model is broken. We are not serving what the customers need. The opportunity is in collaboration. Cooperating between technology companies, shopping centres, retailers, the government, and the customers. This helps to build out solutions that address the pain points.

The problem is connecting individual platforms to create one seamless journey. It is a job that sits with the retailer. However, it requires skill and expertise that many retailers do not have.

If platforms can be connected flawlessly, there will be huge growth opportunities for retailers.

Retailers that continue to provide disconnected experiences and barriers between physical and online will not survive. This is one of the biggest reasons for failure. As a result, these retailers go bankrupt and close down.

The Future of Retail

With an increasing number of digital experiences, retails are moving at a faster pace. The significant impact that we will see in retail is using artificial intelligence for personalisation. Personalisation in retail can take of huge amounts of data in real-time and provide the customer with what they need. There is a demand for many touchpoints that allow customers to spend their time and money.

To sum up, online will become an immersive experience. Each customer would have a personalised experience. These experiences will have a seamless connection to the physical store and provide a journey that is connected. From intent to fulfilment.

Read the full article at Power Retail.

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