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No two customers are the same: Why online retailers need to offer personalised customer journeys

As an unprecedented number of retailers scramble to stand out online, the consumer is hit with a lot of noise that is fast becoming unbearable, writes Kelly Slessor. Kelly Slessor, CEO of Shop You and a digital growth expert, discusses why online retailers need to offer personalised journeys for their customers.

We jump from LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram to TikTok, and from our mobiles to desktops.

We have an average of eight tabs open on our computers, and yet we still can’t seem to find what we are seeking.

Products are throwing at us on every channel. Out of the 30 images I scrolled through on my Instagram feed, seven were ads for things I have no interest in ever buying.

COVID-19 has quickened the pace of shifting to online. More than 200,000 new households shopped online in April 2020. 

The retailers that personalise the journey will be the ones that truly stand out and connect. Personalisation is not just about sending an email with peoples names. It is about providing services, journeys and experiences that are unique to the customer. It’s about taking the human experience into a digital world.

Somewhere along the line in the digital evolution, we forgot the importance of connection and personalisation. Now everyone is a faceless customer who looks and sounds the same as the next customer and the one before.

There are some steps that retailers can use to create a more personalised journey for their customers.

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