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Three emails that can change your business

Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing channel returning about $38 for every $1 spent. Having worked with more than 1000 retailers in the past year, it’s also one of the most underutilised tools.¬†

1. Welcome Email Series ūüďß
A welcome email series is a sequence of emails that you automatically send to prospects and customers after signing up to your email list. It makes the customer feel welcome and means they are more likely to convert. Not having a welcome email series is like a customer coming into your business interested in purchasing, and you just ignore them. Remember, you need to treat the digital world as you would in-person experiences. 
For email funnels, it’s statistically proven that¬†three¬†is the magic number, the sequence should include;
  1. Email 1  Рa thank you email, which creates awareness.
  2. Email 2 – ¬†“about us” which drives consideration.
  3. Email 3 Р is all about the purchase that creates conversion.
On a recent welcome funnel I tested, the 2nd email had a 56% open rate, 8% click-through rate, and a 4% conversion rate.  Three emails generate 90% more orders! Tools such as Klaviyo already have these funnels set up for you, all you have to do is add your copy and branding.
2. Abandon Cart Series¬†ūüõí

You spend all that time and money trying to get customers to your cart, and then, according to Baymard research, 69.57% will abandon it. This is why the abandon cart series is essential.

44.1% of abandoned cart emails are opened; almost a third of clicks on abandoned cart emails (29.9%) lead to a recovered sale. Need some inspiration? Check out Shopify abandoned cart emails.

3. Lifecycle Emails‚Ā† ūüĒĀ

These are regular emails sent weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to remind your customers that you exist.

Effective email strategy should  include:

  • A killer headline¬†(Killer Headline Suggestions)¬†
  • Engaging preview text¬†
  • Short paragraphs¬†
  • Benefits¬†
  • Social proof¬†
  • Clear call to actions (the number of emails I get that don’t have a buy button or a book button literally drives me insane!) – it’s like having a meeting with no agenda or no outcome, we’ve all been there, and we all know it is a complete waste of time!

Easter and Mother’s Day is slowly creeping up, and it’s time to start planning your email campaigns!¬†

 If you need any help grow your digital channels, get you set up online, or create content that connects, please do not hesitate to reach out, book a strategy session or a call with me.

What's on...

City of Sydney Reboot Series‚Ā†¬†

I am pretty honoured to be selected by the City of Sydney and The NSW Government to pull together a series of FREE webinars focused on digital skills, growing customers, and brand. The 9 webinars will provide inspiration, practical tips and examples for retail and hospitality owners, startups, creatives, and professional services.

The lineup is insane, and I am so grateful to friends and colleagues for giving their time to educate and give back to small businesses. What I personally love about this panel is that we have an extremely diverse group of great minds and thinkers (it’s not just about culture or gender). This is what a diverse and inclusive panel looks like and sounds like!

 The series kicks off on the 29th of March, and our amazing lineup includes : 

Clover Moore РSydney Lord Mayor 

Naomi Simson РRed Ballon, Shark tank

Melissa Browne РBest Selling Author & Financial Educator 

Lisa Muxworthy РEditor in Cheif 

A. Professor Wayne Quilliam РAward-Winning, Indigenous Artist

Mya Nichol РInstagram Expert & Coach 

Sandradee Makejev.  РFounder St Frock, Top people in Ecomm

Sina klug РFounder of Nutie, Small Business Covid survivor and thriver.

Tim Doyle  РFounder Eucalyptus, ex Koala

Also, me (Kelly Slessor)  running 3 sessions on all things digital

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