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Key Trends for 2022 | Digital Soup

Each year a bunch of experts make predictions for the year ahead – some data-based, some just made up.  But for those of you that know me, you know I am a total data geek, so last year I worked with Elisa Choy – the founder of Maven Data – to analyse the significant trends for 2022.  Elisa is one of those people, so smart, that I secretly use Google to translate after speaking with her.

The report analysed PETABYTES of data, from the world’s online content using A.I open sources to determine what customers want, what they are saying, what investors are focusing on and what companies are building.  We tested 25 trends and can predict which trends will move the market in the next 12 months.. (if you would like an overview of the report please email me). Here are my top three outtakes for 2022, based on the key areas that will grow your revenue

1. Live Shopping Goes Global.

Rose Keen, Econsultancy:

“Up until now, live commerce has struggled to gain a foothold outside of Asia. This appears to be changing with shifts in consumer behaviour and the arrival of new technologies and specifically social media app functionality supporting its wider adoption.

“The coming year will likely see more brands experimenting with live commerce as part of an omnichannel strategy. One interesting trend is the leveraging of internal talent as Livestream hosts.”

2. Personalisation REPEAT 

I talk about this every year and each year we move a little closer towards it. As someone who has developed a personalised AI shopping platform, Shop You, and someone that passionately believes that we are all unique individuals (not algorithms) and digital should respond to you, not the other way around, I believe we will see a huge shift in personalisation this year.

The challenge has always been data and with Google making changes, first-party data (customer data collected by you) will become even more important.

With data comes insights, and with insights comes the ability to provide deeper personalisation. SO in 2022 think about the data you are collecting; how can you ensure that it’s not just about the first name and email address.  As you collect data, ensure you are providing value in return and constantly ask you and your team the question – what’s in it for them?

3. Click and Collect 

According to Insider Intelligence, Walmart generated $20.4 billion in sales through click and collect last year. As you can see in the chart, Australia continued to grow. There are a few reasons why we love to click and collect so much, mainly around speed, cost, and convenience. Retailers that don’t have click and collect functionality will be passed over for retailers that do. Therefore, Click & Collect is going to be big part trends for 2022.

And now for the real experts…

As school holidays come to an end, I am juggling the children and work, oh… and that never-ending feeling of guilt I am currently sitting writing this while at the Sushi Train with my boys, so I asked them for their predictions/ trends for 2022:

1. Covid is going to end.

That is the best prediction I have heard so far this year!

2. Shops will launch on the metaverse.

If you haven’t read my article, here it is.

3. The government will develop a fund for reopening small businesses.

Digitally educating SMEs is something I am extremely passionate about and I believe that government bodies need to invest in digital education to create sustainable growth in retail

The best way to grow digital is to know digital.  If you have committed to a year of growth  and want to know more about my 6 week program (kicking off on the 15th of Feb), you will be joining some amazing retailers and hospitality providers.  Click HERE to discover more!

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