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COVID-19 – A Wake Up Call For Selling Online

This conversation was posted as a podcast on Business Essentials Daily. Kelly Slessor speaks with Chris Ashmore from SoundCartel about COVID-19 as a wake-up call for retailers to move to selling online. 

Since COVID-19, online retail has seen its most significant growth on record. For businesses, it’s never been easier to set up an online store. Kelly Slessor is a digital growth expert and founder of Shop You, a personalised virtual shopping mall based on AI technology. Kelly has spent the last 20 years working with retailers, property groups, banks and media companies to develop their digital strategy. She explains what businesses need to consider when starting an online process and outlines the digital tools available in which to do so.

The internet has become a great saviour since the pandemic. It makes it easier for customers to shop online for almost anything they want, and selling online. Given that since March 2020, businesses are seeing their online sales skyrocket. So, how can these businesses take advantage of online technology and tools to grow their online presence and increase revenue.

There has been a considerable gap in the connection between the physical and digital worlds. Businesses realise that they cannot have a gap between online and offline. They recognise that they need to have a seamless connection between the two worlds. Companies and retailers have no choice but to make online an experience that reflects the physical experience.

“We see a seismic shift in consumer behaviour and in ways which consumers shop… and it’s becoming more natural”.

Local businesses and retailers will be the ones to win in this scenario. Customers are more likely to shop locally and on-shore than overseas. They will look for local retailers where they can quickly return products they don’t like or get local reviews.

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