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Using AI technology to grow retail

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing cutting-edge technologies. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has emerged as a game-changer for retailers, enabling them to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Here are four transformative AI technology tools: ChatGPT, MidJourney, Descript, and Maverick that can help retailers achieve remarkable results.

I got to speak to Jaynie Seal about using AI tech to grow retail. This really is a pivotal moment in history. We can’t ignore it. Australian retail has the opportunity to be global leaders in this space, Small to medium retailers have an opportunity to reduce costs and increase their revenue – AI needs investment and education.

This is a sneak peek into my ChatGPT for the Ecommerce masterclass.

You will learn the following:

✅ ChatGPT Fundamentals to get you started with understanding what it is and how it works.

✅ Prompt Mastery to help you craft powerful prompts for better outcomes.

✅ Train ChatGPT in the voice of your customer and brand.

✅ Content Creation to master content writing for engaging content.

✅ Ad Copywriting to craft compelling headlines, product descriptions, social media ads, and search ads with ChatGPT’s help.

✅ Email Marketing to write captivating subject lines, develop email sequences, and create persuasive email copy.

✅ Integration and Execution to seamlessly implement ChatGPT-driven processes within your business.

Join me at ChatGPT for Ecommerce masterclass to discover the benefits of ChatGPT, streamline your operations and improve your sales and conversion rate.

Chat, G P T and AI languages, taking the world by storm and with a combination of excitement and fear. Well, joining me live is ecommerce coach and entrepreneur, Kelly Soor. Thank you so much for joining us. Hi. This is a very, uh, exciting but scary avenue and you’ve been working at it for well over 10 years, so, Tell us what is chat G P T first of all?

Well chat G P T is kind of a consumer based model, so it’s open to everyone and what it allows us to do is create content, create technology at a really fast pace. It allows us to input prompts, so input information, and get masses of pieces of information back out of it. So, okay. We’ve got a bit of a demonstration to show people on the tele there because I mean, you basically can just.

Put something in and it just. Types it away. There you go. So yeah, an example would be a media release, for example. Yeah, absolutely. So what we are seeing actually is a piece of content, like an email marketing campaign, especially in retail email marketing campaign newsletter, a PR release that used to take five to six hours to produce.

It’s actually only taking 30 minutes to produce. So we’re saving a lot of time and money using these tools. Saving a lot of time and money, but a lot of people are concerned about job losses and IP Absolutely. And all that, and whether it’s correct or not. Absolutely. So there’s a, there’s, there’s so many issues with it.

You know, I’m the eternal optimist. There’s the ethical issues, there’s the legal implications, there’s ip. You know, stealing people’s ip. I think, you know, AI plus human is nirvana. You know, you can’t just produce a piece of content using an AI tool and expect that to be, you know, the best piece of content.

You have to inject human into that. So I think where we, where we combine the two, the AI technology and the human mm-hmm. That’s where we are gonna get great pieces of information out of it. We see what’s happening online with certain platforms, um, very dangerous sort of conditions, misinformation, and the like.

This seems to be going through leaps and bounds. This AI technology chat, G P T. What do we have to do in terms of government regulations? Yeah, uh uh and I think the scary thing is we don’t actually know what it can produce yet. We don’t actually know the implications going forward in the future. So from a government regulation P point of view, we’ve gotta jump on it quickly and we’ve gotta actually put some regulation in place around it.

For me though, the exciting. Part is, you know, if you think about the industrial revolution, when the farmer started driving the tractor, you know, the farmers that survived and thrived were the ones that actually jumped on the tractor. Mm. Not the ones that continue to hand sew all of their, their seeds.

Yep. So you’ve gotta move with the times, but we hope, hopefully we have the, uh, regulations that are needed. The, the recent federal budget, uh, a lot of startups have expressed that, uh, there wasn’t, uh, a great deal of money in this. Sector, there’s a lot of missed opportunities. Do you think we need to see more money?

Absolutely. This is a pivotal point in history. Mm-hmm. And it, it is a pivotal point in our history in that, you know, again, going back to Industrial Revolution that made. Millionaires, it made economies. It, it changed the Indu industries, and this is another pivotal point that needs investment. There is an opportunity for Australia to be the leading country in this space, but it does need and require education and investment.

We’re hearing a lot of students perhaps enjoying it, getting a lot of assignments done. Yeah. Maybe, uh, their content isn’t correct and maybe they’re not meant to at the moment, but, uh, you know, not just, uh, students of course, but people in the film industry, for example, they’re on strike overseas and they’re certainly worried about their IP and creativity being lost.

Mm-hmm. Again, you know, I come back to, if you’ve got a human, the person that’s going to create the best imagery, On, you know, some of the AI platforms is someone that’s been used to creating imagery themselves. So a photographer, you know, the person that’s gonna create the best content is a journalist. So actually, if you pair those two together, I think that it reduces the fear.

Mm-hmm. And I guess if you wind back the clock and you think of electronic music, for example, a lot of musicians were in fear of that. And, and again, they have lost jobs, but then you have. Different careers like DJs and electronic music directors and so forth. Mm-hmm. And there’s a lot in the music space that’s happening.

There’s some, some regulations coming in around ip. The EU have just, um, announced some regulations around IP and, you know, using IP and ai. So we are gonna see some changes in that. And are you concerned about people losing jobs? I mean, it, it happens obviously with technology and change, but is there gonna be a, a big loss?

Absolutely. But, The upside of that is there’s going to be a lot of job creation as well. Mm-hmm. So we’re already seeing things like engineering prompts. We’re already seeing things like ai, copywriters, you know, we we’re going to see a lot of jobs that are created out of this as well. Are we seeing them in TAFE and universities coming forward as well?

We are seeing the education system, you know, embracing this and, and developing more courses around this. And we’re actually, you know, we’re seeing that here and over overseas as well. And I know you do a lot of Euro master classes and you have one coming up. Yeah, I have one coming up for retail. So there’s one Wednesday the 17th.

Um, it’s a two hour masterclass and this is a real practical, here’s how to use ai. Cause I think a lot of what’s out there in the press at the moment is very theoretical, but this is a how to use it to create content, to reduce the time taken to actually produce emails and then to increase your. Speed and your revenue, and what has the success been so far that you’ve seen?

Well, we tried it. We’ve been testing it with a lot of retailers, so we tried it with one retailer and within 10 days we produced a thousand pieces of content and we increased their organic cert, so traffic to their website by 200%. Wow. Gosh. It’s very, yeah. Ex exciting, but scary at the same time, and, uh, fascinating to watch it.

And again, you’ve been doing it for 10 years. Mm. Yeah. And it’s, it’s, you know, the things we could do 10 years ago mm-hmm. You know, would take me, it took me two years to develop an AI platform 10 years ago. It would take me about two months to develop the same platform today. Incredible. Great to see you.

Thank you so much. Lovely to be here. Thanks for And Happy Mother’s Day. Same to you. Happy you done this morning. My boys cook me breakfast. Oh, lovely. Welcome to have. And um, they put me bacon and avocado and yeah. And they spoiled me this morning. Oh, that’s lovely. Do they normally cook for you? Well, sometimes.

Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes. Yeah. Fantastic. You’ve got a good afternoon planned. I have a lovely afternoon of playing soccer, actually. Oh, there you go. And the boys are coming to work. You’ll good at soccer, aren’t you? I don’t mind it. Yeah. Yeah. Excellent. Multi-talented. Thanks, Kelly. Thanks for having me.

Revolutionising Customer Interactions with ChatGPT

AI-powered chatbots have revolutionised customer interactions by providing personalised and efficient support. ChatGPT, an advanced language model, enables retailers to create intelligent chatbots that can handle customer queries, recommend products, and even simulate natural conversations. By leveraging ChatGPT, retailers can enhance customer engagement, provide instant assistance, and drive sales conversions.

Enhancing Customer Journeys with MidJourney

Optimising the customer journey is a top priority for retailers seeking to deliver exceptional experiences. MidJourney, an AI-driven platform, helps retailers gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences at different touchpoints. By analysing data from multiple channels, MidJourney enables retailers to identify pain points, personalise interactions, and tailor marketing efforts to specific customer segments. This enhances the overall customer journey and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Transforming Audio and Video Content with Descript

Audio and video content play a crucial role in modern retail marketing strategies. Descript, an AI-powered editing tool, empowers retailers to streamline the creation and editing process for audio and video content. It utilises advanced speech recognition and transcription capabilities, allowing retailers to easily edit, caption, and enhance their multimedia assets. With Descript, retailers can create compelling audio and video content that captures attention and drives engagement.

Data-driven Decision Making with Maverick

In the digital age, data is a valuable asset that can inform strategic decision making. Maverick, an AI-powered analytics platform, empowers retailers with actionable insights derived from vast amounts of data. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, Maverick identifies patterns, trends, and correlations within retail data, enabling retailers to make data-driven decisions related to inventory management, pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, and more. With Maverick, retailers can optimise their operations, improve profitability, and stay ahead of market trends.

The Future of Retail: AI-Powered Growth

The convergence of AI technology and the retail industry has unleashed a new era of growth opportunities. By harnessing the potential of tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, Descript, and Maverick, retailers can achieve the following:

  1. Personalised customer experiences: AI technology enables retailers to deliver tailored recommendations, personalised messaging, and targeted offers that resonate with individual customers.

  2. Improved operational efficiency: AI-powered tools automate time-consuming tasks, such as customer support, data analysis, and content creation, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

  3. Enhanced decision-making: AI algorithms provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and operational performance, enabling retailers to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

  4. Increased customer engagement: AI-powered chatbots, personalised content, and data-driven marketing campaigns help retailers engage customers at every stage of their journey, fostering loyalty and advocacy.

AI technology is reshaping the retail landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation. By harnessing the power of tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, Descript, and Maverick, retailers can unlock new levels of customer engagement, operational efficiency, and data-driven decision-making. Embracing AI technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity for retailers looking to thrive in the digital era. By staying ahead of the curve and leveraging AI tools. Learn more at my ChatGPT for Ecommerce masterclass.


Kelly Slessor, is an Ecommerce Coach and a digital marketing expert. Passionate about retail, hospitality and retail service providers. As the founder and CEO of Shop You, an AI powered personalised virtual shopping mall she has spent 20 years building retail technology that responds to customer needs, drives conversions and increases revenue. Over the past year she has worked with over 1000 retailers and hospitality providers. If you want discover more about digital growth and optimisation, work with me.

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