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Three steps to digital marketing growth

digital marketing growth

I was honoured to MC and speak in week 2 of reboot series. In this session, we discuss the key building blocks to digital marketing growth that will increase your online presence and revenue.

I reviewed and provided feedback on businesses who have volunteered  case study; 

Missed this insightful session with myself, Kelly Slessor? Watch Kelly’s 3 steps to digital marketing growth session HERE.

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Key takeaways from Three steps to digital marketing growth

  • Checking your website on mobile is crucial, as 70% of the website traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Approximately 46% of search queries have a local intent, often using the “near me”.
  • The usage of “best (insert service or product) near me” has increased by 400%, highlighting the importance of local search.
  • One ideal customer is worth as much as 204 low-valued customers, emphasising the value of understanding and targeting your audience effectively.
  • Creating customer personas and using customer-friendly keywords instead of industry jargon can drive more customers and reduce the cost of acquisition.
  • Displaying your product or service’s value and addressing customer pain points through website design and social proof can help you build customer trust, loyalty and increase conversions.
  • Incognito mode can help you evaluate your website’s search visibility objectively and identify areas for improvement.
  • Optimizing your Google My Business page can help you attract potential customers searching for businesses in your area.
  • The top three businesses on Google typically receive 70% of search traffic, highlighting the importance of a strong online presence.
  • ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for developing content, but it’s essential to keep in mind your customer, keywords, and prompt.
  • Choosing the right social media channel to promote your product or service requires considering your customer’s preferences, your product, and your positioning on the channel.

There are nine weekly masterclasses on Tuesdays at 12 – 1pm with some of Australia’s leading experts to share their knowledge on themes like digital channels, branding, storytelling and purpose-building with Australia’s leading experts and more.

Next Session: 28th March 2023; Creating a brand with influence with Taryn Williams, WINK models. Register for this session HERE.


Kelly Slessor, is an Ecommerce Coach and a digital marketing expert. Passionate about retail, hospitality and retail service providers. As the founder and CEO of Shop You, an AI powered personalised virtual shopping mall she has spent 20 years building retail technology that responds to customer needs, drives conversions and increases revenue. Over the past year she has worked with over 1000 retailers and hospitality providers. If you want discover more about digital growth and optimisation, work with me.

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