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Nailing your marketing mix with Sandradee Makejev and Sina Klug

About the speakers

Sandradee Makejev the Founder and CEO of St Frock was working in fashion PR and marketing when she started a humble Bondi Beach market stall. Caught up in the Sydney dust storm of 2009 and looking for a better way to connect with customers outside of the markets she created online fashion boutique St Frock. Through clever use of social media and continuous innovation she has built a $15 million business while remaining self-funded, operating her own DC and employing 35+ staff. Sandradee ranked #7 in the Top 50 People in Ecommerce 2020 and St Frock ranked #1 for Most Engaged Brand on Facebook Australia 2020.

Sina did a degree in Hospitality and Business Management, worked in customer service at the MEININGER Hotels.
Went on to do a masters in Communication and Cultural Management. A self-taught baker Sina Klug and her business partner Jacques Dumont bought a second-hand oven and started selling gluten-free and vegan baked goods at Bondi Farmers Market. Today they have a store in Balmain.

Nailing your marketing mix

I did an amazing session with Sandradee Makejev and Sina Klug with City of Sydney in the reboot series. In this session, They covered: 

  • Which channels, content, and audience growth strategies do our guest speakers lean on for success
  • Some of the biggest challenges our guest speakers have faced due to growth
  • About some of the most successful campaigns from St Frock and Nutie Donuts
  • Insights into how to grow followers that love you
  • Which channels should you invest in
  • Insights into conversion, content and paid advertising.

Missed this insightful session? Watch Nailing your marketing mix with Sandradee Makejev and Sina Klugl session HERE.

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