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Last-minute Ecommerce Black Friday Tips

In the last few weeks, I have been working with retailers on their Black Friday plans and campaigns.

I know some of you have gone early this year with your campaigns, but it’s not too late to do some final checks and tweaks….

Black Friday Tips for Retailers

Here are my tips for an even more successful Black Friday:

⚒ Test your platforms and experience:

Walk through your customer experience – around 70% of your customers will be mobile grab your mobile and test your user journey to make sure nothing is broken.

📦 Inventory Management:
If you have limited stock on certain items, create a sense of urgency for these products. Apps like “Hey Scarcity” are great for this; Use it on a few of your best sellers.

NOTE: don’t put it on all products; it will lose value.

🔧 Customer Support Readiness:
Prepare yourself and your team for the wave of customer inquiries. For smaller brands, make sure someone is assigned to and responsible for customer care and that there is a handover process in place. 2 minutes away from a desk could be the difference between a sale and a lifelong customer.

🔄 Refund and Return Policies:
Avoid any Black Friday drama with crystal-clear communication. Check that your refund and return policies are plastered everywhere so customers can’t miss them (on product pages, chatbot, faqs, and footer).

📦 Delivery:
If you think delivery times might be a bit longer because of the huge sales you will get, let customers know that delivery might be delayed by 1-2 days. Set the expectation in the order confirmation email to take the pressure off your customer service team and keep your customers informed.

🌟 Testimonials and Reviews: Add social proof to your Black Friday landing pages. Nothing builds trust faster than real people sharing their actual experiences.

Black Friday ecommerce email examples

I am sure you have all built out your email campaigns, but just in case, here are some awesome examples:

Last-minute Ecommerce Black Friday Tips
Last-minute Ecommerce Black Friday Tips

If you have any burning questions or need extra tips, you have a whole tribe behind
you. Just book a call.


Kelly Slessor, is an Ecommerce Coach and a digital marketing expert. Passionate about retail, hospitality and retail service providers. As the founder and CEO of Shop You, an AI powered personalised virtual shopping mall she has spent 20 years building retail technology that responds to customer needs, drives conversions and increases revenue. Over the past year she has worked with over 1000 retailers and hospitality providers. If you want discover more about digital growth and optimisation, work with me.

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