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Ecommerce Conversions for Christmas 2021

1. Create Christmas landing pages- Let’s get Festive!

To increase your Ecommerce conversions for Christmas 2021 create Christmas landing pages.  According to Unbounce, the average landing page conversion rate is around 4%. Creating Christmas-specific category pages and landing pages will increase your revenue. Be creative!  Discover the best Ecommerce platform for your online store HERE

2. Make it easy for your customers to buy  

Review your user journey and optimise for conversions

This sounds complex but it’s actually quite easy….

At this time of year, we are all time-poor, I don’t know about you, but I seem to be Christmas shopping, whilst mopping the floor, feeding the dog, trying to listen to a conference call, and somehow managing to respond to the constant demands of my boys!  I don’t have time to navigate your website trying to find the perfect gift, so please make it easy for me!!

Go to your google analytics look at the top viewed pages and make sure they are linked on your homepage. 

3. Create a sense of urgency with countdown timers

Until Christmas Day

Missing out is one of our biggest fears, which is why we love social media so much….

Create a sense of urgency by putting countdown timers on your site  and low stock notifications

  • Sale ending in….
  • Last guaranteed shipping date
  • Free gift with purchase
  • Instore gift wrapping available until…

Here are my favourite countdown timers – you don’t need to be a developer either just plug them in.

For Shopify: Click Here

For WordPress: Click Here

To increase Ecommerce conversions for Christmas 2021 and grow your revenue follow me on Insta and join The Ecommerce Tribe Facebook page for tips, tricks, and time hacks. Want to learn more about Ecommerce and growing your online store, click HERE to find out more. 

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