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Digital storytelling that connects and engages

Digital Storytelling

I was honoured to had a yarn with the inspiring Kylie Captain.  In this session, Kylie shared her powerful story and she gave advice on creating digital storytelling that connects and engages.

We did live demo on how to share your digital story and how to cut through the noise. 

Missed this insightful session with Kylie? Watch Kylie’s Digital Storytelling session HERE.

We challenge you to share your story digitally and tag us in your digital story @the_retailedge as we would love to your story!

Key takeaways from Digital storytelling session

  • Share a purposeful story to connect, reflect, and make an impact with your audience.
  • Relatable and authentic storytelling builds trust and creates a relationship with your audience.
  • Overcome imposter syndrome by aiming to inspire just one person through your storytelling without worrying about perfection.
  • Your passion and purpose are crucial in storytelling. Show your customers why you started, what drives you, and why you love what you do.
  • Be comfortable in sharing what you want and how much you want to share.
  • Storytelling videos connect us to real life and ground us in reality.
  • Use the background in your video to offer insight into your world and reflect your work, such as filming in your store.

Watch the Live Demo: How to create and share your story digitally below.

There are nine weekly masterclasses on Tuesdays at 12 – 1pm with some of Australia’s leading experts to share their knowledge on themes like digital channels, branding, storytelling and purpose-building with Australia’s leading experts and more.

Next Session: 2nd May 2023; Networking for growth with Janine Garner, Business mentor, CEO and bestselling author. Register for this session HERE.


Kelly Slessor, is an Ecommerce Coach and a digital marketing expert. Passionate about retail, hospitality and retail service providers. As the founder and CEO of Shop You, an AI powered personalised virtual shopping mall she has spent 20 years building retail technology that responds to customer needs, drives conversions and increases revenue. Over the past year she has worked with over 1000 retailers and hospitality providers. If you want discover more about digital growth and optimisation, work with me.

Kelly Slessor

write a 1-minute video script for Kelly Slessor explaining what she does and why she does it. make it fun and engaging and use the 3 Three-Act Structure in the first act, set the stage and introduce the characters) of the story. In the second act, present a problem faced by the character(s) and build up the tension. In the third act, deliver the climax of the story by resolving the problem (with your product or service). Do not use a narrator.

What I’m gonna do here is I’ve written a little prompt for it. Now the thing is with chat, g t is, the better you can get at promoting it, the better the result will be in return. So let’s say for instance, you want it to write 10 Instagram captions or an email to the education department, um, asking them to, asking for you to come and, you know, suggesting that you come and speak to them about what you are doing.

It’ll write that for you, but you need to tell it. As much information as you can and to write the best thing. If anyone has questions on this, put it in the. So this is a little prompt I’ve written earlier on. Um, Rachel will drop the link to open to chat open AI in chat g p t in the link in the chat as well.

And it’s a free tool by the way. You don’t have to pay for this. So I’d asked it to write a one-minute video script for Kelly Slessor is all very vain explaining what she does and why she does it. Make it fun and engaging cuz I do believe I’m fun and engaging sometimes and use the. Act structure. So this is a kind of process for writing stories.

So in the first act, set the stage and introduce the character of the story in the second act, present a problem faced by the character and build up the tension in the third act. Deliver the climax of the story by resolving the problem with your product or service. Do not use narrator cuz I don’t want someone to talk for me.

I’m going to do the video myself. So I’m gonna hit return on. And it’s writing a script for me. It’s got me walking down a busy city street, so I’m in the city of Sydney. I’m walking down Pit Street and it’s got, it’s writing a script. Hi there. My name’s Kelly Slather and I’m a bit of a tech geek. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated by the world of technology and how it can change the way we live and work.

This is totally on point, but as I get older and start or got older and started to work in the retail industry, I noticed a problem. So many businesses were struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Think Kylie, you just said that earlier, and they were missing out on opportunities to grow and connect with their customers.

That’s why I started my own company. Let me come back up here, but it hasn’t always been an easy journey for me. This talks about my past, which I’m not gonna go into. Um, and today I’m here to help businesses like yours succeed in the digital world. The problem I see many businesses face is they struggle to keep up with the fast-changing digital landscape.

So what I want you all to do, if you cannot write a little script for yourself, a little video script, you’ll get Jack GP to do it that wrote that for me in literally one. Like it. It was. That’s how quick it was. Use that as a practice tool. Okay, so now that we’ve written the script, the next thing I’m gonna show you is how to then put that into digital content.

All right. So I’m just gonna share my screen here. Give me one second. Can everyone see my phone screen? Awesome.

So I’m gonna go into Instagram. I’m gonna click on Instagram. I’m just gonna come out of this. I just wanna make sure everyone could see that. Could you see that? Yeah. Okay. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I just can’t see you when I’m sharing my phone screen, which is fine. Now that I know you can see it, I’m back in.

All right, so I’m gonna come into Instagram. I’m gonna come out of there cause that’s an awful shot. Alright. Okay. Now I’m gonna click on the little plus button at the bottom. There’s a little plus button right at the bottom of Instagram. This is my son. This morning I was doing his hair. Um, and I’m going to go across to reels.

So at the bottom you’ve got reels. So you can see there. You’ve got me and you’ve got me on my phone. You can see me now. I am extremely vain, so I’m gonna put a filter, filter on it. You don’t have to put a filter on it, but if you want, there’s a little filter button at the bottom for the vein, ones in the room.

And I’ll, it’s not just about being vain actually, for me, honestly. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to do my makeup, so putting a little filter on it just means that it’s another thing that’s gonna stop me from procrastinating from making the video. All right, then I’m gonna click and hold this button.

Hi, my name’s Kelly Slessor. I’m an e-commerce coach. I specialize in digital. My passion is about helping small businesses grow online. Alright, you don’t need any more. You’ve got the disc. Okay. Then I’m gonna click the next button. Okay, we’re gonna stop that cuz otherwise you’re gonna hear me on repeat and there is nothing worse than hearing your own voice over and over again.

All right, then I’m gonna click on the little smiley face at the top. I’m gonna click on captions. I’m just gonna make sure before I do, everyone can still hear me. Everyone can still hear me. Awesome. Okay, let me just share my screen again.

Me voice. I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna stop that. No. Okay. So what I’ve done is I hit the little smiley face, the little smiley face, and I’ve clicked on captions. So what it’s then done is transcribe it and put captions over the top. So if I click, I’m done. I’ve got my name now. I’m just gonna drag that.

Hi, my name’s Kelly Slessor That’s a great resting. Um, now it’s got that. And if I click play,

you had enough of me. I’ve another great resting face. All right, I’m now gonna download that to my phone. So I’ve got my script, I’ve got my video, and I’ve downloaded it to my phone. And I’m gonna stop you looking at that awful picture now. If you’ve got longer form video, I’m gonna get off that picture cause that’s embarrassing.

If you’ve got longer form video. So let’s say Kylie, for instance, you wanna narrate a bit of your book. That doesn’t work on Instagram, unfortunately. So you know, you can only go up to, I think it’s about 90 seconds on Instagram for an Instagram reel. So let’s say for instance, you wanted to do a longer form video.

So you, you do a video on your, on your computer, you record the video. Then what I use is a tool called Script. So Descript is a transcribing tool. It’s a, you can use a free version of it. It keeps a watermark on there, but you know, some people are okay with that. Um, and some people prefer to pay for it.

It’s not that expensive though. I think it’s about 20 or $30 a month. Um, okay, so I’m just gonna create a new project in here. I’m gonna choose a file to transcribe. I’m gonna find a video of me. So there’s another video of me that I did recently. I’m gonna open up that. Now. What that’s going to do is start to transcribe that video.

So it’s about, it’s gonna start putting words on the video. So if it’s a long form video or for. I don’t wanna use, um, Instagram to do this. I can just record it straight onto here. Um, it’s now transcribing that, so it might take a couple of seconds and that will get up to, it’s not a big video, so it shouldn’t take too long, but that will get up to a hundred percent.

What that will then do is take all of my words that I’ve said and it will put them in written format. So here you go. Transcribing a hundred percent. So there’s five things that are fundamentally going to affect retail this year in the online space. Number one is connected commerce. Now, one of the things this always does is spells my name incorrectly.

So, oh, let just stop that one. Let just do that. Okay. Um. Here, I can literally change some of the wording in here. So if I wanted to, if it says lesser, which is how it spells my name, normally I could just change that to lessor. Um, so I can go in here and rewrite this. Now, what I can do now that I’m in here, and you remember, you can watch this back later if you need it in slow emotion.

I click on the text button, I’m gonna click on the captions. And you are gonna see now, watch this. Watch this magic happen.

There you go. And you now have a piece of video content that you can send out to the world that looks professional, that is transcribed, that uses a script that hopefully you are comfortable with. Now, the last little trick that I use before we get into questions, the last little trick I use is I then copy and paste that trans.

Back into my chat, G p t, so it learns more about me and learns how to talk in my voice. So I’m gonna close that down and I’m gonna come back in here and I’m gonna go, I’m going to teach you, teach you about me. I’m going to feed you information, feed you information about my style.

Sure. What kind of information would you like to share? I’m just gonna paste that video’s trans. And then what it says, it’s gonna break that down for me. So it’s getting to know me. So each time I ask it to do something, chat, g p t is doing it more and more in my voice. So more and more it’s imitating me and using my language, which again, saves me time in overthinking.

Okay. I am gonna ask now we’ve got, we’ve got 10 minutes left for q and a. But I’m gonna ask in the chat, who is comfortable with sharing their story digitally? Oh, we lost the sound. Did we lose the sound again? Can everyone hear me? I can. Okay, perfect. Alright, perfect, perfect, perfect. Who is comfortable with sharing their story digitally?

Jules, you go. I cannot wait to see you. Hula hoop. Andrea awesome. Angela Angelica. Perfect. All right. I would love you to tag me in your story and so I can share with the beautiful lady that is Kylie. All right, Kylie, are you comfortable to share your story today? Yes. We’re gonna share it now. So this is one that Kylie did earlier.

Um, can you drop it in the chat, Rachel?

See if Rachel dropped it in the chat. Awesome. Okay, so let me just share that. Bear with me one second. I’m just gonna share. Now I realize I didn’t share sound earlier on, so you might have seen me but not actually heard me sharing the sound, but now you can see on here. Alright. So here we go. This is one Kylie did earlier that’s going out to the world.

Hi everyone. My name’s Kylie, captain. I’m Aga Milroy, author and educator and founding director of Dream Big Education, wellbeing and Consulting. I’ve authored two books, dream Big and Imagine the What If and Be that Teacher who makes a difference and lead Aboriginal education for all students. That one was co-authored with Dr.

Kathy Burgess, that teacher who made a difference for me, we thought as Ed educated, As we could share our, a combination of unique experiences to share our yarns to make a difference, uh, for educators across the country. I’ve also created a deadly goal setting journal as well that’s making a difference in the lives of many.

This year, I’ve started my own business where I’m facilitating student programs, teacher programs. Consultancy, cultural capability sessions, and just anything really that aligns with my passion and purpose. I trained as a primary school teacher, and this is my first year in business and I’m super excited to get out there and share my story and hopefully make a difference in the lives of many.

And that you’re Kylie and that you’re, that’s so beautiful. I love it. Absolutely love it. We will send that to you so that you can share your story today. And anyone else, please, please, please share your story.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we will provide regular updates to our sponsors on the progress of their sponsored businesses. These updates will include detailed information on the milestones achieved by the businesses, and any challenges they may be facing. In addition, we will also provide our sponsors with detailed reports on the impact of their sponsorship on diversity and inclusivity in Ecommerce. These reports will include key metrics such as the number of businesses that have been sponsored and the percentage.

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