Digital Growth Course

Our digital growth course that teaches digital marketing is an essential tool for retailers who want to take their digital marketing to the next level  and  increase their conversion rate. This course provides retailers with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively market their products online, reach more customers, and drive sales.

Can you relate: 

➡️ Difficulty reaching target audiences

➡️ Low conversion rates

➡️ Poor website experience

➡️ Ineffective measurement and tracking.

➡️ Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends

➡️ Struggling to effectively reach their target audience.

In addition, without proper tracking and measurement, it can be difficult to determine the success of digital marketing campaigns. Our digital course  overcome these pain points and achieve success in the digital landscape.

The Ecommerce Tribe is a six-week course that includes:
  • Six eCommerce modules delivered by video and including easy-to-follow workbooks – go at your own pace
  • Access to weekly 6 LIVE Digital Clinics with me for all your questions.
  • Access to a closed user group
  • Access to templates and resources.
  • A digital strategy planning session

And you will learn:

  • Digital Fundamentals – How to define your online customer and reduce your acquisition costs
  • Platforms and plugins – Ensure you have the right website and experience to drive results
  • Google as your shop front – How to get to the front page of Google
  • SEO & SEM – How to use free and paid digital marketing to grow your traffic, conversions, and revenue
  • Content – Storytelling for Engagement
  • Email & Social Media Planning – Developing the right content and call to action to build loyalty
  • Conversion optimisation – Making your website work harder for you.

Want to learn more about digital marketing and increase your revenue? Join my 6-week digital growth course. You will have access to online modules, live sessions and a community of fellow retailers. 

About Kelly Slessor

Kelly Slessor is an Ecommerce and digital marketing expert, who drives growth and innovation for retail and other hospitality.

Kelly has over 20 years’ of experience, knowledge, models and insights, and she applies this in a practical and easy-to-understand way.

The Ecommerce Tribe was developed through the years of working with hundreds of brands, including Big W, Woolworths, Sainsbury’s, Glue Store, Showpo, and many other small independent brands.

Kelly Slessor