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.au Domain Names

auDA (the organisation that manages domain names in Australia) recently launched .au.  If for instance, your website is, you can now register for
According to auDA, the benefits include shorter, simpler more memorable domain names.  Of course, there is also an opportunity to make more money!
Businesses must register their domain before the 20th of September after that, it’s a free for all, which means anyone can buy your .au domain name.
This potentially opens your business up to some huge risks;  anyone can purchase your domain name and begin stealing traffic, impersonating your site, or demanding dollars. It’s impossible to determine how likely these are, but the unknown is enough for me to advise action…..The risks to your business include: 
  • Losing traffic and sales 
  • Being charged at a higher rate by someone who purchased your .au domain name before you.
  • Fraud

Count down to the 20th of September…


How to purchase your .au domain name 

To purchase your .au domain name, go to your hosting provider, such as GoDaddy or whoever you use.  It costs roughly $12 per year. After purchasing your .au, you can either: 
  • Redirect it to your  OR 
  • Park it.

If you need any help/have any questions, just shout.


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